Trip to Goa- A perfect holiday destination

Contrary to popular belief, Goa is not a city. It’s a State – amongst the smallest in India. This beautiful Coastline State dotted with swaying palms can be divided in three tourist segments. North, South & Old Goa. Within each you could make sub divisions… beaches, forts, churches, temples, bazaars, bars, food shacks… makes sense to visit each one of them.

I added a day along with New Year’s long weekend which gave me 4 days to explore Goa. Unfortunately, thousands & thousands of others made the same plans. When I was there, Goa had palm trees, plenty of beaches and more than plenty of tourists. Popular beaches like Calangute and Baga had more people than sand. It’s a good idea to avoid Goa on such occasions unless of course you put up in secluded resorts.

I was hosted at Boon’s Ark near Vagator beach. A great property with a beach near to itself.Well, no beaches in India are really private, but since these locations are still not very popular with tourists, one can get the feel of being almost alone on the soft white sands. I was quite impressed with the rooms, facilities and the hospitality offered by the staff.

Mini Vagator beach


To do Goa, a vehicle is a must. Depending on the public transport would be chasing your luck. Kadamba, Goa’s State Transport, offer services all around. But every time I looked at one of their buses, they were full to the brim. I think they are best avoided. Cars, Jeeps and motorcycles can be hired from all around Goa. You would just need a valid driving license. Rates are negotiable on a per day basis. Taxis are also available. There’s no such thing as a metered taxi. It’s definitely a wise idea to negotiate the fare beforehand. If you leave it for later, the taxi driver would win the argument. In the 3 days that we were there, we travelled 480 kms. Crisscrossing between North, South & Old Goa.

We went for Dolphin spotting on last day, dolphins were very fast, they were not easy to chase but with lot of concentration on the sea we where able to locate some of them. it was hard clicking picture of them. Along the route of Dolphin Spotting the boat owner showed us a big mansion where a scene of Dil Chahta Hai movie was shooted.

Dil Chahta Hai shooting point

Dil Chahta Hai shooting point

IMG_0606we enjoyed our trip throughout.

Goa is a must visit destination in India

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