Fünfte Monaten in Deutschland

Today officially marks the fifth month I have lived in Germany. Now while five months may seem like a long time the last few months have only felt like weeks. This last weekend was the 2nd Rotary Orientation weekend in Wenigerode. We slept in a hostel instead of a gymnasium so that was great, it was a ton of fun! We even visited the Wernigerode castle, it was built in the year 500 A.D. The Castle was incredibly beautiful, it overlooked the entire town.

My German is going good as usual, now sometimes when I am really tired my language ability falls in both German and English. Since I am a exchange student I am tired very often so sometimes my brain just shuts down and I can’t even speak my own language. This Febuary the movie Deadpool comes out and I am SO EXCITED! Jose (Ecuador) and Tunga (Turkey) and I are planning on seeing it together, it will be so much fun! One of my absolute goals while in Germany is to go to a concert, and since the one I really wanted to go to (Slipknot) is happening in three days that won’t happen but Disturbed is coming to Berlin in April so maybe that is the one, I wanted to see Rammstein but they won’t be near Magdeburg during my exchange sadly.

My host family, the Hartens are all very nice. My host mother Beate is by far the best cook I have ever met. Right now I live in Neustädter see, which is in the far north where as before I used to live in Reform which is the way south. Both Neustädter see and Reform are about the same distance away from my school. Speaking of school I have no school for two weeks so I am very happy! We have another Rotary meeting in Febuary so I am also excited for that, then in March we begin Europe tour which goes a bit into April. Then we have a Rotary meeting after Europe Tour in Magdeburg, possibly in my School. Then sadly it’s just May then June, but my Mom and my Cousin Alexis are possibly coming out to see me at the end of my exchange in July so that would be incredible. One more thing is I have been writing a lot in my journal as it’s easier to write there than it is here online, so I will have a journal full of memories when I return.

Sincerely Nick

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