Gps for trucks – the Good, Bad and In-between – Part 1

GPS for trucks has divided a lot of people. Whereas many of truck drivers are dead against it, stating that their own privacy has been violated, there are still a few that see it as a great opportunity. So, I have decided to prod a little and see whether gps for trucks is the best or the worst that has happened in the freight business in the last few years.

Optimists that I am, I always start with the positive things, and here are my top 5 reasons why gps for trucks should definitely be considered a good thing:

  • gps for trucks allows the vehicle to run reliable. I love this feature of the gps for trucks system. The last thing that you want to worry about when you climb into your truck is whether it’s reliable enough, whether it will last the whole day without any problems or whether it will die on you a second after you turn on the engine. A gps for trucks system keeps managers aware of any problems that the truck might have, thus increasing the truck uptime. This in turn keeps all the drivers on the road and on their job.
  • gps for trucks helps out in case of emergency. Namely, if a driver gets into an accident and is in dire need of help, a gps for trucks system will send a notification to a fleet manager that the truck hasn’t been moving for a certain period of time. The information will also be sent about the exact location of the truck. The fleet manager can then send the help and in some cases even save a driver’s life.
  • gps for trucks system can come with road assistance. Let’s say a driver gets stuck on the open road, hits a deer or has a flat tire, with no means to contact a fleet manager. The system can send an alarm about the problem to the fleet manager, who will then notify the roadside assistance.
  • gps for trucks system separates the wheat from the chaff. In any business there are dedicated and let’s say less dedicated workers. Truck business is no exception. While there are people who are ready to put in a solid day of work, there are those who often go on unauthorized trips, hanging out in places that they shouldn’t. Thanks to the gps for truck system, this is not possible anymore, as it makes sure that all the drivers are on their positions all the time.
  • gps for trucks can be a driver’s best friend, and their witness. When someone makes a false claim, that a particular driver is driving over the speed limit or that they are not on the job site, the gps for trucks can provide the information that would prove contrary. The data regarding the speed and position is noted and saved, thus saving the driver quite a lot of trouble.


What are your experiences about the good things of the gps for trucks systems?

More about the bad things in part 2!


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