Zweite Monate in Deutschland

Hello Everyone,

I am having a INCREDIBLE time in Germany. I have already made some amazing friends that I cant imagine having not met. My friends here are all very cool, they remind me very often of my group of friends back home as they have many things in common. In many ways my group of friends in Germany are the German equivalents of my American friends. Not much has changed since the last update, my German has gotten much better. I have seen a constant rise in my German ability, it may be slow but it is getting better. It may sound weird but for some reason I feel like I have always known my city. Strange since six or seven months ago I had never heard of my city, now it feels like I have always been familiar with the varying locations and restaurants.

One thing that is strange and I thought only happened to me but another exchange student pointed this out also. When I go into the city and order food or just buy something, I always speak in German. But by the end of the conversation the clerk will be speaking in English and I in German so it sounds like this weird conversation of two people speaking back to each other in their second language. This does not happen all the time but it is not rare either. My German is really getting better I have noticed, when I first arrived in the airport in Frankfurt the security would speak to me in German and I was so terrified. One spoke directly to me in German, it was at this moment that I realized the twenty hours of Rosetta Stone I did was worthless as the things they taught me was not even close to helpful. Even today I learn words on my own that are really important and wonder how come Rosetta did not teach me this, this would have been helpful. I even completed level 1 and I have learned like twenty times as much German now  then I did on Rosetta.

I am super excited for Halloween! It is a close second of my all time favorite holidays. I have been watching horror movies in celebration of the holiday. Sadly in Germany it is not a big holiday. Apart from a few store displays I have not seen or heard any talk of Halloween. I asked my host family why that is and they said Halloween is more of a children’s holiday. That is a big difference between the US and Germany on the holiday of Halloween as in the US it is also a big child’s holiday, but many teens participate in watching horror movies and pranking friends with scares. On a side note I watched Final Destination 2-5 and now I am scared to even be alive.

My favorite band is coming to Germany in January. They never would go to my state, but they finally were going to MY CITY, sadly they were in Albuquerque a week after I left. This week I had school off since it is the Holy Days. so recently I went through a small period of homesickness. It was not anything big, what happened was I decided to go into the city. Every three months I have to write a quarterly report for my host district, its not super long but its also not short either. So I decided to go to McDonalds, get a coffee and write my report on my laptop at the restaurant. Well I got my coffee and sat down at a table, it was also early in the morning so I was tired hence why I got a coffee. It had whip cream on it and I was stirring the cream into the coffee. I had seen this group of kids in the table in front of me but did not pay them much attention. Well I was leaning on my wrist stirring this coffee when through my head phones I heard “Nick?” I looked up with shock thinking “who recognized me here?” Well they were two students from my school, part of the popular crowd. I said hi, they said hi and they left. Then I realized how sad that must have looked. I was alone at a large table, leaning on my wrist stirring cream into coffee. I did not have a smile on my face either even though I was not sad at that moment. That’s when I said to myself “Ok I admit it, I miss my friends a lot.”

This, and a few other situations have made me say “ok I could use my friends right now.” But this is a rare thing. I do miss them but of course I know everyone will be there waiting for me, and I only get to live in Germany once. I also LOVE the other exchange students in my district!!! It like one HUGE family, that’s something not very many people can say. We are all more then friends, we are all in it together. Help each other when someone needs help, etc. I often wonder how the other exchange students are doing on their own exchanges. What are the differences and similarities. We will all have to meet up again after our adventures. I believe that is everything for this month. Love you all back home. Tchüss!

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