Volleyball Match and Barbecuing in Oslo (Norway, Part 2)

Luckily for us, Oslo is far enough from the polar circle, so we didn’t have that much light during the night; it was more like a full-moon night. If we were suited in Tromsø, that would be a bit of a pickle to fall asleep.

We had breakfast at the hotel – boiled eggs, cheese with smoked bacon and a glass of milk. Afterwards we went to visit the Bygdoy Peninsula, a place from which the Vikings sailed off into their adventures. Some of the most popular city museums are located here. The cab we took had the most amazing head up display I have ever seen.

We paid a visit to Fram Polar Ship Museum. There is an exhibition of a huge polar explorer ship equipped with the authentic gadgets for navigation and exploring the unknown territory of the mysterious North Pole. There are lots of papers and books about the early explorers and here you can learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know about them.

Although the peninsula has a lot of museums to offer, we decided to spend some time outside. Summer in Norway is quite pleasant, contrary to our expectations. There are a lot of beaches with beach volley courts, running tracks and parks. Norwegians like to spend time outside during the summer, because the winters are so long and cold here and they very little opportunity to enjoy the nice weather.

The park outside the museum and the nearby beach were already crowded. We joined a team playing volleyball on the beach. We didn’t tell anybody that we’re actually volleyball coaches, but I guess they figured out that we were no common amateurs; we didn’t lose a singe game. Even though we beat the hell out of them, we had a great time and made friends with Hadle and Rosalinn.

They suggested that we should go and watch a play in the open. (As I already mentioned, Norwegians spend as much time as possible outdoors, so they have organized theaters in the middle of a day.)

We accepted their offer and we were happy to see the Ibzen in the original Norwegian language. This was one of those times when we thought that the money and time spent on Norwegian classes, was time well spent! We attended those courses for more than two years, just for fun. The play wasn’t the Broadway performance really, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Hadle suggested to buy some fresh fish from the local fisherman, and have a barbecue together. To be honest, I’m more into pork and beef when barbecuing but, fine, I went with the flow. We bought some fresh and cleaned herrings and rent a barbecue nearby. Hadle and Rosalinn were amazed by the amount of fish I can eat and they teased me the whole time because of it.

Before going back to hotel, we went back to the beach where we watched the play. Now, the theater was turned into an open air cinema and we watched The Hunt, the latest Norwegian production movie.

I really enjoyed the day at the peninsula and I recommend anyone who’s visiting Oslo, to dedicate at least one day of vacation – outdoors. The air is wonderful and the people are more than pleasant.

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