Veirten Monat in Deutschland

I have now lived in Germany for four months now and I can not believe how fast it has gone. I say this every time but the days truly go by faster and faster. Recently the new Star Wars film came out, The Force Awakens and it was incredible. I have seen the film in theaters twice now, once in German and once in English. Last weekend I was also at a Rotex 1800 meeting, which is where all the other exchange students in my district get to see each other. It was so much fun as always, everyone in my district is awesome. Other then those two last things there has not been much new.

On December 4th I changed host families, and I am now with a different host family then my last update. The Hartens, my new host family are very nice and friendly. My host mother is a amazing cook, I have never really liked mash potatoes before even since I was a kid, but I actually liked her mashed potatoes. right now in Germany is a very nice time as it is Christmas season or “Weihnachtsfest” and the whole city is made to look very cheery. At “Weihnachtsmarkt” which is a Christmas fair, they serve all kinds of German traditional foods. A special drink that everyone loves is called “Gluhwein” it is small glass of wine that is heated up and added with additional spices, it is very delicious. I have been on Weihnachtsmarkt many times as it is daily and is a fun place to hangout with friends. Other exchange students and I recently took a trip to Weihnachtsmarkt and held up a sign that said “Free Hugs for Christmas” and generally just laughed and had a ton of fun, although no one hugged us.

This Christmas season has been a very different experience for me, as I have not been feeling the general Christmas excitement. Normally on Christmas like most other people I look forward to opening the presents on Christmas morning, now while this year I have not been feeling that so it seems as though this Christmas season has been like every other week. Later though I realized something very important, as I am not excited for Christmas as I normally am, I am thankful for all the amazing people I have met, all the incredible things I have learned, and all the incredible things I have seen these past four months. Instead of being excited for gifts this Christmas, I am excited for all the wonderful experiences that are yet to come this coming year, with all the incredible people I could not imagine being without that I have met on my journey this year.

I recently took a trip to Berlin and it was great. We went to a art gallery and then saw the Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt which was also very special. The food was amazing like always and city was very interesting. we rode the subway and took various other train rides to navigate through the city, I heard many more languages then just German walking throughout the city. I can not wait to return again to Berlin again. I hope everyone at home has a wonderful Christmas and a good new years!

Sincerely Nick

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