Thrihnukagigur Volcano – Try Pronouncing It

We had a bit different excursion planned for the next day – Jade and I wanted to visit an actual
volcano! The name is a bit unpronounceable Thrihnukagigur, and people mostly refer to it as ‘the
Volcano’ and it’s the only volcano in the world that you can actually go into.
Anyway, we went to a nearby Rent-a-Car agency (have I mentioned how everything is near around
here?!) and equipped with a GPS navigation we were on our way! It took about half an hour to get to the spot where we left our car and continued on foot towards the Volcano.
We had already arranged to join a group of tourists and their guide, because you have to enter the
volcano with an experienced guide. When we got to the meeting point, we realized that we were a bit early; the group we were supposed to meet still hadn’t arrived. Jade suggested that we proceed to the volcano on our own and we had a minor argument about that. Luckily, our company arrived just in time, for Jade actually just left. What a jack..s!
 Anyway, our guide’s name was Auðólfur (Don’t ask! I noticed that everybody simplified his name and just yelled “Hey, Sir Guide!”). I only know how to spell his name because I picked up his business card from our hotel; not to mention how interesting it was to ask for him on the phone, hehe! Anyway, we started walking. We were thoroughly warned to wear strong, sturdy shoes, not sneakers and to dress up warmly for the excursion because it tends to be a bit cold inside the volcano where the temperature is more or less the same all year long, about 4, 5°C.
It took almost an hour of brisk pace across rocky at times and hilly terrain to get to the entrance;
when we finally arrived there, half of the group was already exhausted and just collapsed on to the rocks. After everyone caught their breath and after some preparations and instructions from Sir Guide, we started descending into the crater. You could feel the chilly air coming from the inside. We didn’t walk too long before we got to “the heart of the volcano” as it is referred to, which is positively humongous! According to our Sir Guide the entire Statue of Liberty could easily fit inside! The walls of the crater have that characteristic rusty color.
We took some photos inside the volcano and had a cup of coffee that we remembered to bring in a thermos. We spent an hour within the crater imagining what was it like when the volcano was
active, hanging out with our fellow tourists and Sir Guide told us all kinds of interesting facts about this place.
He spoke how the volcano has been dormant for more than 4,000 years now; how the magma from the chamber seems to vanish – nobody knows where exactly! Some believe that magma simply solidified in the walls, while others think that it just retreated down to the Earth for some reason. All in all, it was one of a kind experience to stand inside such a huge a volcano! And even though it’s not a long walk from the volcano to the place where we left our car, you could see how everyone around us were utterly worn out.
The next day we went on our Game of Thrones tour in the Iceland, but I’ll cover that some other
time perhaps. We expected THAT to be the highlight of out trip; it turned out that Iceland had much more to offer besides spots featured in GOT.

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