Ooty- The Beauty

Ooty- A place approached globally for its beauty and pleasing climate. It is a hide out from the flogging sun. I wasn’t any exception. I planned a trip to Ooty. It was a 2 day trip, though gave an unforgettable experience. Ooty is 80 kms approximately via Mettupalayam and Coonoor. It took atleast 2 hours to reach Coonoor and then, another an hour to reach Ooty. You can feel the climate of OOty even when you reach Mettupalayam. We saw the range of mist clad mountains from Mettupalayam which made us even more excited towards the destination.

Coonoor: It is the place hit before we reach Ooty. A small town and liked by many for trekking. We had our breakfast here. The main area is little congested. The ones who visit Coonoor for the first time may get confused about the roads, so be careful. We took a left straight road towards Ooty. There are many hair pin bends between Mettupalayam and Coonoor.

1. Dolphin’s nose point: This is first place we visited in Coonoor. It was an amazing place. The view from this point was breathtaking. We also Catherine waterfalls from this point. Great one.

2. Lamb’s rock point: It is an another such view point. In just a kilometer away from Dolphin’s nose point. We saw the range of mountains from here which was fully covered with mist or clouds. We also felt little cold here.

3. Sims park: A kind of Botanical garden. It is most visited by tourists in Cooonoor. The park was constructed in a Terrace manner. So, we had to step down each layer to witness the flora. There were thousands of varieties of plants, ferns and trees. You would not like to miss the flowering plants there. The most beautiful place. We enjoyed each moment there. We also saw a rudkraksha tree there (the first time). Great feeling. There was a lake below with boating facility.

Then, moved forward to Ooty. Our dream destination.

Ooty: Ooty is the most popular tourist destination located in Nilgiri hills. The way to Ooty gives the most amazing panorama of the hills, mountains and waterfalls.

1. Government Botanical Garden: The first place we visited was Government Botanical Garden. It was situated in a large area. Once you are in, you feel a different world there. The park was maintained quite well in spite of its large area. There were Thousands of thousands varieties of trees, plants etc. There was also a grassland where many were sitting and relaxing (as you may feel tired fast, tripping around the huge garden). We bought a cappuccino from the kiosk. In the middle of garden there was also a glass house where exotic type of crotons and  flowering plants were kept. There were some topiaries which were quite big in shape. There was a fossilized tree which actually stunned us. We took lot of pictures there.

2. Rose Garden: It is another beauty and famous place of Ooty. We saw roses of every possible colour. Some big and some small. Some were in climbers or some were as in plant. It was there I saw a green colored rose for the first time. Looked very beautiful and different. From the rose garden we could see the beautiful mountain ranges with dense forest.

3. Ooty Boat House: The next place we went was Ooty boat house. It was crowded. There was also horse riding. We went in for boating. It is best in summer and winter. But, I suggest not to visit during rainy season, as the boating gets cancelled due to rains. We took motor boat for an hour. Our boat went through aisle of trees. We waved our hands to the people in other boats. Boating was amazing.
There was many attractions and eateries at the bank of the lake. We had our lunch there.

We came to our hotel. Where we abandoned our luggage and moved out for shopping. We bought Chocolates, tea packets, Ooty varkkeys and some spice.

4. Doddabetta Peak: The next day, Doddabetta become the first destination. We had to drive up to a steep road through the dense forest. We reached the base where we parked our vehicle and walked to the peak. There was mist and made us to shiver. But, walking made our body heat and soon the shiver was gone. There were many vendors along the path to the peak. We bought some hot corns. We reached the peak. It was breathtaking view. Wow. Great experience. It was the highest peak near Ooty which had its own tea factory. We could see the valley from the point. But, as we were taking pictures the valley was covered with clouds. Then, we came to the watch tower. It was again in vain as the mist covered the whole place.

5. Doddabetta Tea Factory: Next was Tea factory.  We paid just Rs. 5 as entrance fee. We went inside. The aroma of tea leaves filled our nostrils which did not go until we were out. First there was the withering of leaves on the steel beds. Then, we moved down through a narrow lane, where we saw huge machines roasting and frying the leaves. The smell turned strong. There was a bigg roller machine. We glanced through each step of tea processing.  At the last we were given tea for tasting. The best part.. Then, we moved to Chocolate making department, another part of Tea factory. We saw some displays of chocolate of many types. Then, there was sales outlet where we bought some chocolates.

From here we started back towards Coimbatore. We carried the unforgettable experience of this Beauty…



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