Honolulu, Hawaii – part 3


I wanted to see a Hawaiian sunrise, so I got up super early in the morning. I stood on the balcony as the magical hues of cerise melted together and met with the blue ocean horizon. It was the most breath-taking site I have seen in my lifetime. Soon after, the whole family awoke and after a big breakfast, we headed downtown.

My brother used his free navigation app that he got right before this trip to find the next place we wanted to explore. We wanted to check out the Aloha Tower and got to see the Honolulu skyline. It’s a pretty neat view. This is the part of Honolulu, where all the business people gather to conduct their deals. Afterwards, we scouted out some local stores and got a few flowery shirts that everyone wears in Hawaii. The streets were beautiful and swarming with tourists, and one of my favorite things about them was that even if we weren’t too close to the beach, we could still smell the refreshing ocean scent.

As we continued walking we couldn’t miss the statue of King Kamehameha, who unified the Hawaiian Islands in the late 18th century. We also got to admire the Iolani Palace for its American-Florentine architecture. We got hungry super fast. It was probably cause of all the walking we did that day. We found a wonderful restaurant called Jinroku, which is famous for its delicious Japanese fusion dish. My brother found the place using his free navigation app.

After lunch, we also figured we were not too far away from the Honolulu Zoo, so we decided to check out some exotic birds and other cute animals, we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. My favorite was the giant tortoise, which can live up to 200 years or more. I was flabbergasted by this fact.

We wanted to get back to our hotel before dinner to get ready for the big hula show some of the locals have put together. So, I donned on my favorite shirt and headed down to the sea side to join the locals by the bon fire. Some of them were frying fish they caught that day, it was very tasty.

The dancers were super fun to watch and my family and I couldn’t resist joining them. I felt like I was a true Hawaiian. They even placed some special wreaths on our heads, which were made out of the most beautiful Hawaiian flowers called Plumeria.

As the tender waves were caressing the shore, for a second there I thought I saw a dolphin jump out of the water. I tried to grab my camera really quickly to capture this magnificent moment, but I was too late. Nobody else had seen it, so I wasn’t actually even sure if it truly was a dolphin, but I choose to believe it was.

The day was amazing and I fell asleep in my bed covered in Plumeria flowers with a huge grin and dreaming about the next day and all the adventures that were still ahead.

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