Helping the Children in Bali, Indonesia

In recent years visiting and  volunteering at various foundations in Bali, Indonesia, feeling the need to give back to a place that has impacted my life on so many levels.

l spent a 4 week period doing volunteering work in Bali at Novia’s traditional Balinese village that gave me a greater insight and respect for the Balinese culture and how their belief weaves its way through every aspect of their lives with such purity and honesty.

I attended ceremonies that before I only experienced as a tourist and was moved how I was immediately accepted by the family into such an intimate event.

I was amazed by the number of children who came everyday in this rural tropical location to learn English, their dedication to attend the free classes and their commitment to learning was surprising. I taught l age groups from 6 to 14 years old. It was challenging but truly rewarding as I began to understand that it was up to me to provide these young people with a learning experience that will keep their inspiration alive.

My tip during teaching is just to have fun during the English classes, as this is not a formal school, but a learning center.

It was happy to know that I always had both Novia and Mega (local teachers aid) at hand to support me in my teaching and discuss with the children, they ensured both the children and the volunteer felt comfortable and confident at all times. Mega had worked previously in the tourist town of Seminyak in Bali, and speaks beautiful English, we could hold conversations on any topic and she helped me to better understand the culture and the challenges she and her community face.

I recommend this volunteering program to anyone who wants a true experience with the people of Bali in which you in turn will challenge and learn more about yourself then you could have imagined. I also felt confident to volunteer my time with this organization as I was happy to know that my contribution went 100% back into the local community and supported the growth of the program and the continuation of the free English class for the children of this region in Bali, Indonesia.

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