Erste Monate i Deutschland

Hello my name is Nick. I am from New Mexico USA and I am living in Magdeburg, Germany. I have been living here for a month now and I could not be more happy with my decision! I LOVE it here in Germany, the first thing I noticed here was how much better of a system they operate here. First of all everyone rides on bicycles here, everywhere you go you will see at LEAST twenty people riding on bikes. From the USA perspective this is not normal at all. My first day here I thought it was a national bike holiday or something. The Germans also love their sparkly water, the only beverage any German will ever drink must be carbonated. Which for me is bad since I can not stand sparnkling water, but at some point you will be forced to drink it since it seems to find´normal water is like trying to find the holy grail.

In Germany they also have this nifty thing called the Sraßenbahn and it is the most convenient thing. They are just trams but at every station they run every ten minutes, the stations are not far no matter where you are in the city, and they are very quick. I love this more then I could ever describe since where I am from, if you dont own a car you can not go ANYWHERE! Also they have this Turkish dish in Germany that is very popular called Döner. It is the perfect meal, it is usually four euros, it is huge, and has it all from bread, meat, salad, and sauce. They also have many other amazing dishes from Currywerst, to Schnitzel. I have been here for a month and have been having moderate success with the language. While I am definitly not the best at German I can speak more than I understand. I know how to order food, ask where the bathroom is, where are you, how are you, 1-100, and if I have to I can usually express what I mean in a broken sentince. I went to a Rotary meeting last monday and the District Governor did not know how long I had lived here for, I tolled him 1 month, and he tolled me “WOW YOUR GERMAN IS EXCELLENT!” This made me smaile really big.

I LOVE my city and my first host family SO MUCH!! My first host family are so great! I have three host brothers, (one is on his own exchange in Brasil) the other two are older than me. Which is good, I cant imagine having younger host siblings. The whole family are such wounderful people, I immediately felt right at home my first days and the weeks to follow. My city is also wounderful, its the perfect size as it is not small like a village but not Hannover or Berlin size. It has a population of around 200,000 people. Now school on the other hand is very langweilig! I know its because I dont know enough German to really participate but right now it just seems to carry me throughout the days as they pass by.

I have also been listening to so much Rammstein since I have been here as they are very popular here. Ask any German if they know of Rammstein, whether they like them or not dose not matter. They all know of Rammstein, and that is just wunderbar since I have been listening to them since before my exchange. The difference is now I am begining to be able to translate some lyrics and when I do I become exstatic! All the exchange students here are also very incredible people, everyone of them are so friendly. One thing that has been scary for me is the longer I have been here, the faster the days seem to pass by. My first week seemed so long, now the weeks pass by faster and faster. I love Germany to much to think about the distant future.

This has undoubtedly been the best decision I have ever made. Looking back at my life before, I can not imagine how others could not want to do a exchange for themselves. It has been the most eye opening experience and most incredible journey for me and I have only been here for one month. My host Rotary club are all very nice people, my counsellor here reminds my so much of my Rotary conatct back home (Michelle.) My German teacher looks almost exactly like my Uncle Jake which is very strange for me. Everyday I see him I just wanna bust out and talk to him like I would talk to my Uncle except my brain tells me “chill out bro, it is not him.” Also in hindsight I can not imagine another year at my school. American school compared to German school is undescribable until you see it yourself. Daycare is the only way I can describe American school in comparison, people at home are complaining about how much work they have to do while they have no idea what German school is like.

Some misconseptions I have found not true while here are that the German language sounds harsh. I was also a believer of this until I got here, while zes some words sound harsh the bulk of the language is a mix of Spanish, French, and English. With some words being exactly the same in Spanish like probleme and familia. I love the feeling of speaking in only German and holding a conversation. It reminds me I am becoming a bilingual speaker. Speaking of which there is a funny storz behind this. Since I live in New Mexico it would be impossible to live without knowing at least mediocore Spanish, but since I have been living in Germany my Spanish has been verz quickly shrinking. Even my ENGLISH has been getting kinda bad. I have found my self struggling how to say or spell certain English words I should know no problem. Maybe in 9 months my English will also shrink too and I will struggle to write this blog.

Anyways I have to go but thank you for reading this far and look forward to one month from now for my next blog post.

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