Dritte Monate in Deutschland

Hello everyone,

My time here in Germany has been amazing! I am very excited to see my own level of German get better step by step.  I can not believe where my level of German has come from, looking back on it I have learned so much since my first month here. It is also only my third month here and I feel like I have seen so much and learned so much, I can not imagine how much I will have seen and learned in another three months. I remember in my first month that the first few days and weeks seemed to last for years, and now the weeks seem to go bye every hour. It really feels like just yesterday I had a very small grasp on German and the days were actually hot, now the city has set up Christmas decorations and my German is at the point where it automatically translates what I hear without me having to think about it.

My friends in school are some really awesome guys, we share a lot in common and I often imagine hanging out with them back in New Mexico, I think they would fit right in with the friends I have back home. My money seems to sneak away from me even when the only thing I purchase is food. My money almost 95% goes to buying food, and it seems like I am always running low which is disturbing. I have never completely run out, and I even make sandwiches at home also. Next December I have a rotary inbound meeting and I am so excited to see all the other exchange students in my district. It has only been a month or two since I last saw them but it feels like forever. One other thing that is strange is now my English is starting to feel different. Nothing to drastic but I sometimes forget simple English words or forget how to spell a word I should usually know how to spell.

Most people who know me really well, know that I am a HUGE fan of the Fallout series. Even before my exchange I revisited Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The last one released over five years ago and it just so happened that Fallout 4 released this year of all years. To make it worse it seems everywhere I look I see Fallout 4, on posters, billboards, and through daily conversation. All my friends in my German school and my US school have got it. Even my host brother Paul tried it, it seems like everyone in the world has seen it but me sadly. Star Wars is coming out this December and I am very excited, I will be seeing it in German. I may need to purchase a costume for the release. It seems very cool to me that I can tell my grandchildren that I saw the world release of The Force Awakens in Germany. I am sure the city will come to a halt for the release since there is only one movie theater in my city, every theater is going to have to play it.

I believe that is everything, I hope everyone at home and the family around the world are all doing awesome.

Nick Morris

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