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30 Apr 2008

We have just spent the last 2.5 weeks in Iluka which is just south of Byron Bay.  This has been the longest stay at any one place since we started our adventure last September.  You will see in the photos that we were camped right on the Clarence River where we saw dolphins swimming right past our door.  Mind you, it rained, and rained, and rained and rained  – at one point it was raining so hard, that I said to Wally, Surely it cant rain any harder and then it did!!!!!  It pelted down.  Its great to listen to the rain on the caravan roof.  I suppose that it didnt rain on about 5 days of the 2.5 weeks we were in Iluka. 


Because of the constant rain, we didnt get out as much as we usually do, but when it stopped raining, we managed to go for a walk in a World Heritage Rainforest, a walk up to the Iluka Pub (again we could see the dolphins swimming in the river as we ate out lunch), did some road trips to nearby towns of Yamba, Maclean, Grafton, and up as far as Byron Bay.  We stopped for lunch at a lovely town called Lennox Heads, where there is a lookout with magnificent views over the ocean.  There were a dozen or so surfers and as this was quite near Ballina where the young guy was killed by a shark last week, we looked to see if we could spot any sharks.  No sharks, but a pod of about 10 dolphins surfing the waves right up to where the surfers were.  Amazing.  We had some good neighbours at Iluka and really enjoyed their company.  In one of the photos you can see our next door neighbours, Dot and Ray with their twin granddaughters aged 2 and a bit as they wave to us from the caravan park while we went past on the river boat.  So cute.


Our fridge needs a new element and with the amount of rain we had, weve sprung a leak in the roof of the caravan so we are now in Ballina to get it fixed.  I noticed some familiar chairs sitting outside a caravan in the park we are staying in and that the van also looked familiar.  I said to Wally that I would know those chairs anywhere.  We had met Carol and Bob from Canberra in Tathra last year.  Im told this happens a lot to Nomads, but is the first time we have come across fellow travellers in a different part of the world.  They are now travelling around Australia as well so we may bump into them again.


We are now heading inland for a while to explore some towns in central NSW and will be heading to Brisbane by mid to late May to meet up with our friends Jeanette and Ray from Mt Gambier.  They are also going to Cairns so we might travel some of the way with them.


Cheers for now,


Love Yvonne & Wally

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posted Wednesday April 2008

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