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07 Sep 2008

Wow, has it really been that long since I updated our blog.  Many of you have asked what is happening to us and where we are, so I thought I’d better get the fingers tapping the keys.  Weve travelled heaps and seen and experienced some wonderful things since then.  We are now in Broome which is an absolutely gorgeous place and every bit as beautiful as Ive seen on telly.  Its getting quite hot now with temperatures around mid 30s every day and low to mid 20s overnight.  This afternoon we are flying to the Horizontal Falls where we will go on a jet boat and zoom around for a while!!!  Apparently, it looks like a waterfall but is horizontal.  Update weve just come back from the Falls and it was fantastic.  If you see the pix, youll see that the water at high tide is gushing through a gap of about 9 meters wide and at this point the water is 45 meters deep its like rapids, but there are no rocks.  Its the massive build up of water trying to get through such a small gap that causes the Horizontal Waterfall.  We were in a 500hp jet boat hang on to your hat!!!  It was great fun.

Wallys son, Adam, lives here in Broome and its really good to see him again.  Hes a tour guide and were ooking forward to doing some trips with him.  Next week he is taking us on a 2 day tour to Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, camping in swags in the bush and experiencing 5 million star service!!!   Well also do a 3 day trip up to Cape Leveque.  Watch this space for pix. 

Since the last blog entry, we have been to Toowoomba, Brisbane (spent some time there with Wallys daughter Sherryn, her husband, Paul and our Grandchildren cant get enough of those kids); Glass House Mountains; Maroochydore (rained for 5 days); Hervey Bay (we want to live there, but we are putting it off until after our trip); Tin Can Bay; Turtle Sands near Bundaberg (where the sandflies bite and dont stop itching); Woodgate Beach; Cania Gorge; Rockhampton; Sapphire; 1770 (rained for 3 days non stop),; Longreach; Winton;  Cloncurry (where we met up with Wally’s mat from golf Stringy and his wife Trish); Mt Isa. We then left Queensland and crossed the border into the Northern Territory.  We stayed at Banka Banka Station where we saw the most amazing sunset (weve seen quite a few); Mataranka where there is a crystal, clear spring water pool at a constant 34 all year; Katherine including a cruise on the Katherine Gorge; Timber Creek with another cruise but this time it was the Victoria River and saw some crocodiles (see pix below).  Next was Kununurra where we flew to the Bungle Bungles, did a 4wd tour and then a long, hot walk in 38 temperature to Catherine Gorge wouldnt have missed it for the world.

Ill try to be more vigilant in keeping you up to date with where we are and what were doing.  We are really enjoying ourselves, meeting lots of people, seeing many new places and some awesome sights in this beautiful country.

Dont forget to leave us a message on the blog, and let us know that you have seen it.

Bye for now, Yvonne & Wally


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posted Sunday September 2008

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