Yvonne Dacey – Wallyvonne’s Greyt Nomad Adventure 10

11 Apr 2008 We have just spent the best time so far on our trip in Hastings Point with Wallys daughter and son-in-law Sherryn and Paul and their 2 children (our grandchildren) Joshua and Cassidy.   We had 4 days with them (although Paul had to leave early to go to work) and even though it rained heavily and consistently over those days, we had plenty to do and the kids were kept busy the whole time.  There was also a coloured ball room that little Cassie loved.  Paul got Josh on the slide and waited for him in the pool without too much trouble and Joshie just loved it.  They ended up with Cassie behind Paul as he slid into the pool.   Below are heaps of photos which I dont apologise for as I couldnt decide which ones to take out.  Wally had a quick trip down to Melbourne at the beginning of April to see the surgeon about his back (I got to stay with Sherryn, Paul and the kids where I had the best time).  So hell book himself in for the op when (and if) we get back to Melbourne.
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