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9th Feb Portomarin

I left Sarria at 2pm. I had eaten lunch there and written a little bit on the blog. In order to get to Portomarin i had to cover 20km before dark and i was bimbling slowly along. I was out of it! Writing my blog had put me in a state of complete surrender. At 5pm i met a guy called Felix who asked me where i was heading for. I told him i was headed for Portomarin but may stop and have a coffee at the Albergue bar he had just come out of. I then did something which reminded me how much i had moved into nature by walking every day. before deciding whether i would stop for a coffee i looked at the sun to see where it was in the sky. I had 10km to cover before dark and where the sun was in the sky told me i didn’t have time so i pressed on.

I arrived at Portomarin just as darkness came.

The Albergue had a better mix of male and female company and we all had dinner of pizza in a nearby bar. I was speaking to a girl called Mere whose boyfriend had just died of cancer.

He was 29 years old.

10th Feb Portomarin – Palais del Rais

Only 26km to cover today so i took it easy, relaxed totally into the day and really enjoyed it.

I wrote lots of messages on the track for the people behind me to read. They enjoyed it and showed me videos and pictures when the day finished. I had collected stones throughout the day and i wrote words on them. I put them in a bag and the pilgrims lucky dipped for them. Very cheap yet personal gifts.

I would like to ask you all to indulge me in a very important task!

As loud as you possibly can shout and repeat it as often as you feel you need to.

Don’t worry about disturbing the neighbours, if we are lucky they may join in too.

Do this naked if you want – really let go!

I would like you all to shout…………………….






The fairies asked that i thank you all so much. xxxxxxxx 


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posted Wed Feb 10, 2010

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