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1st January.
Happy New Year.
My original plan was to fly from Stansted airport to Bairritz (on the 7th) as it would get me nearer to St. Jean pied de port (the town from which i start walking). The other option is to fly from Bristol to Toulouse (on the 5th) and then travel across France by train and bus to reach St. Jean pdp. Having checked the cost and how long it takes to get to Stansted from Bristol (lots and ages) i flipped a coin. It was heads! I leave from Bristol on the 5th. Great! I just want to get going now. I walked up Glastonbury Tor today in my kilt. I got cold knees and a bruised right Gluteus Medius (right butt cheek to most of you out there) due to a buckle digging in to it (last minute modification required i guess), nobody told me my butt was too big for it ( i feel your pain ladies-literally). 
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posted Fri Jan 01, 2010

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