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Saturday 9th Jan Roncevaux-Larrasoanna
I should have known better!
To think that i sould be able to walk 30km climbing to a _ _height of over 1000m carrying around 28kg having done no exercise at all since dislocating my ankle a year ago and not ahve any problems is a bit daft really. Anyway painful as it was, that part of the way is over.
I have another 30km today but it is less brutal on the legs as the way is less hilly.
Today is like walking with ghosts. I have lovely memories of walking with fellow pilgrims along this part of the Camino. I can see and feel them almost every step of the way.
At one particular spot i stopped to project positive energy to all the people who have asked me to carry their prayers. I hope it helps!
The last 5km from Zubiri to Larrasoana were again slow and painful. My feet and calves this time. My had frozen in my water pouch earlier this morning and at one point i had to eat some snow to get a drink. Snowed steadily all day.Met some lovely Ponies with thick winter coats on early in the afternoon.
On arrival at Larrasoana i discovered the Albergue (hostal) didn’t open until 6pm. i had an hour and a half to kill.
I met a Spanish pilgrim named Carmelo, he knew of a cafe nearby which we immediately hobbled off to for a hot chocolate. The Cafe was run by a lovely italian lady called Elita in her 50’s. I provoked the mumsy instinct in her with my enormous rucksack and exposed, skinny legs. She gave me a free muffin and plenty of free advice about buying some leggings etc. i asked if she had any old pairs of tights. I could modify one pair for each leg as she was less than 5 foot short at a guess.
Back at the hostal i got undressed for a shower and immediately felt cold. The shower didn’t really help either. There is no heating here. I decided to get straight into my sleeping bag to warm up but however many clothes i put on i still felt cold. My muscles felt cold and the clothes were not warming them at all. Things got a bit better as 5 more pilgrims came to stay at the hostal and thier body heat helped to heat the room a little more. I eventually got off to a good sleep.

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posted Mon Jan 11, 2010

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