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12th Jan Cizur Menor-Puenta La Reina
I set off again, alone and in the dark. I saw less than 3 people all morning and spoke to nobody (apart from myself). It was a lonely walk today. I reflected a lot on the difference between my 2 experiences of the Camino. I like to have people around and to be able to express myself but had to remind myself that I am here at this time of year to learn something new as well as carrying my own and others prayers. As i reached Alto de Perdon it began to rain and rained steadily for the whole day.
The previous evening i had decided to make a detour to visit the small hexagonal church at Eunate. I heard it was a wonderful place on my last Camino but didn’t actually visit it myself on that trip.
I plan to project more positive energy to people from there today as well as scatter some flower seeds.
It would seem that the spirits are in favour with this idea as, for the first time, the ground has become soft enough to a depth of an inch or so to allow me to bury the seeds slightly.
As i got closer to Eunate i had an unusual feeling- I had a distinct experience of Me, My Self and I.
Allow me to explain- as i was walking i became aware of my energy body being seperate from my physical body and another me watching the other two. My energy body and the watcher projected further and further the more i got out of its way.
When i physically arrived at Eunate (my energy body was there way before) it was closed but i walked all around it, did some energy work and planted seeds for all those who have requested me to do so. I planted them at the rear of the church and either side of the posts that hold up a sign on the left hand side of the track as you leave Eunate on your way to Obanos. I took a photo and positioned myself behind a pointed monument which indicates exactly wear the seeds behind the church are planted. Perhaps i will return in the summer to see if they have bloomed.
I am trying to upload the photos i have taken so far but i’m not very familiar with the process so please be patient.
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posted Tue Jan 12, 2010

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