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I didn’t return to the Cathedral.

I said some prayers in a quiet little church in the back streets instead. the name of the church was Inglesia de Santa Maria Salome. It reminded me of the simple churches in the villages. I felt more connected and somehow that the prayers may have more effect.


15th Feb Santiago – Nigreira

I parted company with David, Francesco, Hans ( we met again ) , Maria and Lorraina just before 3pm. I had 22km to cover before dark.

This part of the camino felt different!

The way is marked well in some places and in others it’s as though they couldn’t be bothered any more. I got the impression that now that your pockets are empty we are not so interested in you any more.

It’s a lonelier, more peaceful journey, and this, for me, made it a little harder. It  took an adjustment.

A change in mind set.

Preparing you for a lonelier place.

Nearer to your self.

Am I ready to look there?

 Can I accept what I see?

 Will I look away, never to peer again into that quiet space of the real me.

I had a glimpse of what it will mean to keep walking………….El Mundo?

I felt i could surrender when the moment came…….when the moment came i felt i wouldn’t have a choice……I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

I don’t mean to be dramatic….but if i died living, then that would be better than existing, but dead.

If i don’t live my life, my way…………then whose life am i living?

I was mugged by a couple of kids!

One about 15 the other about 12 years old.

They approached me wearing halloween masks, rubbing their forefingers and thumbs together saying “money”!

“i’m onto your racket you cheeky F -asterix- -asterix- k -asterix- -asterix- s” I said, but gave them 20cents – “10 cents each” i said.

The younger highwayman shook my hand.

I arrived after dark at the Albergue. Nobody was there but there were 3 names in the register. 3 Spanish men aged 67 to 74 years old.

We didn’t speak much when we finally met. I was getting used to being alone, i think.

16th Feb Negreira – Olgairoa ( ? )

33km today. The older guys explained that they get a taxi for the first 10km and walk the remainder. I will be happy if i can still walk 23km when i’m 74 years old.

It occured to me that the walk to Santiago involved many feelings. Joy, freedom, pain, tears, love but mainly determination.

Determination to cross a threshold from ‘what was to what could be’.

The walk to Finisterra was different.

Quiet, solitude.

A calmer energy – Peace!

Love and Peace!

I wondered if Orange would give me free network usage if i walked around the world.

Orange – connecting people!

Would i walk in the hope that people would pray for each other?

I think people would think i was a ‘whacko’.

‘Give freely, accept gratefully’seemed a better reason. ‘Give a bit more, take a little less’.

If i need to accept from people then am i not giving them ‘the joy of giving’? 

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posted Fri Feb 19, 2010

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