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Sun 17th Jan Najera – St.Domingo de Calzada

I’m really becoming very protective about walking alone, in fact, i think everyone doing the pilgrimage at this time of year are all displaying the same reluctance to walking in company. I walked with Sarka for a couple of hours a few days ago and havn’t walked with anyone since. Just walking with her for that period very quickly developed into silence for both of us.

Today started much like most days for me now. First out the door and on my lonesome. I’m not in a hurry to get going, i just find the other couple of pilgrims take longer to get their stuff together than i do.

This morning i found newspaper rolled up in my boats and they had been brushed clean of mud. Guy, the french hospitalereo had put paper in all the boots to dry them out. How thoughtful! Another necklace gift finds its mark.

I found myself reflecting on the old lady that i saw a few days ago. I think i felt a sort of kinship with her, like we were operating in the same sphere, she was there permanently whereas i was simply a temporary visitor. She ahd to permanently operate at a slowly pace due to her age whereas i was slower because of my Monchilla (rucksack), never the less i felt we were in the same place- on the fringe of all that was taking place all around us. Actively involved in our little world but onlookers to another world right before our eyes.

I have just visited the Pilgrim museum. I am the only person here except the attendant. I am able to use the internet free here so i’m making the most of it.

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posted Sun Jan 17, 2010

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