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Belorado Tues 19th Jan

Having stopped in a cafe for a few hours to update this travel blog i set off to look for an Albergue in which i could stay for the night. I eventually found the only one that was open. It had a sign on the door saying – call this number and we will come, My Spanish is not so good so i was pondering about making the call when a voice from behind me asked if i needed any help. I turned to find 2 ladies about my age, both Spanish, one of whom spoke good English. I asked if they would speak to the owner of the Albergue to find out when i could get inside. It turned out to be an hour or so. I invited them both for a coffee in return for thier help, they accepted and off we went. No sooner had we turned a corner when we were confronted by a troop of children from the local school be escorted by thier teachers from one place to another, all chattering away like little monkeys. I thought to myself- now i’m for it! I wasn’t wrong. Thier little eyes lit up, fingers were either pointing or covering stifled (and not so stifled ) laughs. I had to think fast or be destroyed. I took the initiative and shouted Hola as loud as i could, like a clown at a party ( ummm, bit close to close to the truth), and went from there. They tried to teach me Spanish words which had them in fits when i couldn’t say any of them correctly. They called out English words they knew -little know alls. IT WAS GREAT FUN!

Having survived that encounter the girls and i carried on to the cafe. They asked me what i did and did i always look this strange. I answered ‘Holistic Massage, Reiki and Yes ‘. The time approached for one to go back to work and the English speaking one (Anna) to collect her son from school (she works in the towns tourist office, the other in a local shop). I thought i amy as well wait at the Albergue to be let in but Anna said, ‘wait here, i will be back in 10 mins. I want to talk more with you about these therapies if you don’t mind’. When she returned with her son (pablo- 6) i said. ‘ if you would like a massage come to the Albergue when you have done what you need to do’. We agreed to meet at 6pm and went our seperate ways.

I arrived at the Albergue at the same time as the Hospitaleros. Another 2 Annas (mother and daughter). As i was the only pilgrim staying there they said could i be in by 8pm so they could go home and leave me  there to do whatever. I explained that the tourist office lady, Anna was coming for a massage. It was agreed that the best place for it was in the kitchen because they had the fire going in there and it had a big table. I got blankets from the bedroom. played massage music from my phone and we were good to go.

Anna prone on the kitchen table covered in a blanket, mama Anna sitting by the fire reading a book and daughter Anna generally pottering about and and me, hands poised over my client looking like Beethoven about to set to on the ivories. It was amazing! Anna really liked it, like when they can’t speak, Lovely.

Eventually Tourist Anna left for a class, i went to the supermarket for food. When i got back, the 2 other Annas were talking about Holistic massage (new to Spain it seems) and i said i can do another one in the morning before i leave if either of them would like to try it. Mama Anna decided it should be daughter Anna who would most benefit.

So big hugs all round, Adios and see you both tomorrow. What a great day! 

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posted Tue Jan 19, 2010

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