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The way to Arges continued

There was a small section of the walk today that involved walking by the road side, a busy roadside.

 A section of road just as you approach Villafranca Montes de Oca. Trucks are crashing past you just a few feet away. It was quite breezy anyway but as one truck past me, it blew my hat off, lucky the breeze didn’t lift my kilt up or i think it may have led to a serious RTA (road traffic accident). As i went to pick up my hat another truck flew past and my poor hat got blown another 10m down the road. I have to confess that for a minute or two after my hat was safely installed back on my noggin that i was cursing Mr Henry Ford for being such a greedy, egotistical twit and all the other modern day numtees who wax lyrical about the internal combustion engine, which is for me a sophisticated vulgarity. Dont’ get me wrong i’m as guilty as the next person for needing a car to do what i feel i need to do, but i don’t worship the thing. Boh! Rant over!

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posted Wed Jan 20, 2010

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