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Fri 22nd Burgos -Hontanas

The trail of tears.

This is the part of the journey on my last Camino where i suffered a day of terrible pain. Then, I had been trying to put some distance between myself and some other pilgrims i had met the day before and wasn’t enjoying the vibe with them.

This time around,  ifelt much more relaxed as Christian, Gina and i set out together for the 30km walk to Hontanas.

For the first1/2 hour or so i used my knuckles and fingers to apply pressure to the muscles in my right hip (the same area that so painful last time) as it was feeling uncomfortable. Every time i took a step the muscles were stripped as they passed under my hand pressure, essentially i was massaging myself by simply walking. i t felt less tight after a while which i hoped would help as the day wore on. As the day unfolded i passed differentpoints which reminded me of how i felt that over a year ago and exactly where i started to suffer and struggle so much to walk. As i approached the track which i called ‘the trail of tears’ (purely metaphorical-i don’t shed tears, merely cry out in pain) i wrote on the ground Pain? No! and drew out the Reiki Chokurei symbol for physical healing. No more than 10 minutes passed before two events happened simultaneously. Over the brow of the hill to my front emerged a rider on a white horse, from the track behind my came a Guardia Civil 4×4. My immediate thoughts were, when i ask for help, St James sends it. St james is famous for turning the tide in battles by appearing on a white horse. You may be thinking, what a load of bull and that i am reading something of significance into everything that happens. Well, you may of course be right but remember a couple things before you poo poo what i am saying. Along these country tracks at this time of year you can walk all day long and not see a single soul so when something does happen, you notice it- believe me, and if it’s nothing significant you know it. If you have just intended to overcome a challenge and almost immedietely something odd occurs, it’s a sign and you know it’s a sign. The other thing to remember is that this is the majic of the Camino, My Camino! My way! Ask anyone who has come this way and watch as their eyes glaze over and they have gone to another world in another time, before your very eyes. Better still, come, find your own way and see that which the camino wishes you to see. When you are ready, you will come!

As the day wore on i felt enormous amounts of energy coursing through me as i approached San Bol. The Albergue there was closed but i stopped for lunch there before planting some more seeds around the base of a tree (at the bottom of the garden) that was different from all the others. I said a short prayer for myself and others and pressed on the last 6km to Hontanas. I had conquered my ‘trail of tears’.

Before i came on the camino i had in mind that i would bring my Tipi with me and offer unusual accomadation to pilgrims who pass, as well as offering Holistic Therapies to those who want or need it. I imagined San Bol may be a good spot because it is known to have goood energy already and it is at this point of the camino that pilgrims can reach a critical point. For the first 2 weeks or so your body is shocked at your sudden change in activity (constant walking with extra weight) and suffers accordingly. at the same time however it slowly adapts to these changes. Around the 2 week mark these two factors reach a critical point where they converge and you can pretty much walk the whole day as if it were normal. I am not saying it is easy, far from it, it just feels fimiliar now.

I want to go back with you to the palce of the witches (also known as Alto Sierra Atapueca). Don’t misunderstand me about ‘witch energy’. I am learning to appreciate that nothing is ‘bad’ or ‘good’, thing just ‘are’. It is our perception that things are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on our upbringing, culture or personal experience.

As soon as i had overcome my negative reaction to the energy of the witches i immediately felt that this energy was now friendly and helpful to me, which is why i gave thanks.

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posted Sat Jan 23, 2010

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