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Tues 26th Jan Terradillos de los Templarios – Calzadilla de Hermanillos
I have stopped for lunch at a bar in Sahagun. Andy Murray is playing tennis with Rafa nadal on the telly. He seems to be doing quite well. Looks like Rafa has been going to the gym, i wonder if that effects his tennis.

I headed out this morning to a cold track. Frost on the ground, frozen puddles and an ice cold wind.

My most deep seated, primal fear is DEATH!

It occured to me this morning that when i ACCEPT that i could die at ANY moment and by accepting this fact i overcome the FEAR of death, i suddenly become aware of how beautiful every moment suddenly becomes. i mean EVERY moment. The wind on my cheek was freezing. At first i tried to cover it up to keep it warm but then left it uncovered to FEEL the cold. I was alive! I could feel the cold on my cheek! As i passed a bush it blocked out the wind and my cheek immediately felt warm again. If i hadn’t left my cheek to feel the cold, i wouldn’t have felt the warm either and i would have denied myself 2 sensations of feeling alive.

My  most deep seated, primal instinct is SURVIVAL!

If i do not control this instinct it can cause me to feel FEAR OF DEATH.
By accepting that i could die at any moment, and not being afraid of that FACT, i can LIVE and LOVE every MOMENT.

As i approached Sahagun i saw another pilgrim shuffling slowly up the hill towards me in the near distance, he was shivering!
I knew it was one the pilgrims you occasionally see coming back from santiago. As he came into ear shot he shouted against the wind, “greetings from someone, someone, someone and someone” ( he had said 4 Spanish names ) . In my confusion i hadn’t been listening. I just expected him to say hello and when he started reeling off all these names i assumed he was greeting me in the names of a bunch of saints. Things became a bit clearer when he said ” i saw these 4 people further along the camino and they told me, if i see the pilgrim in the kilt tell him hello from us”
I said “thank you”, we introduced ourselves, his name is Pascual from Holland. I  asked him if he was cold.
He said ” i’m not cold, i have parkinsons disease, thats what makes me shake. I am 6′ 7″ and this wind blows me away. I can only walk 15 – 18 km per day and then i’m finished. I started from Genoa in italy 105 days ago, I had christmas in Santiago, New Year in Finisterra and now i am on my way to Jerusalem.
“Did you camp outside very often”, i asked.
“Yes, i love to bivouac, but here on the camino i became drawn into the Albergue thing”.
I asked if i could take a photo for my blog.
” Of course” he said.
We said our goodbyes, he shuffled up the hill as i strode down it.
I briefly paused thinking i should give him something for his journey and get his facebook address ( he had told me thats what he used to record his journey ) . I thought to myself, not to worry.
1 km later i suddenly thought this isn’t right and turned round and ran back up the hill against the freezing wind.
My stick was held along side me like a spear, my kilt rode up to the top of my legs. I leant forward, head down forcing myself forward against the force of the wind.
After about 10 minutes i eventually caught sight of Pascuals slow, shuffling, shaking figure ahead of me. i began to call out but my words were immediately blown behind me, tumbling, uncontrollably back down the hill. he couldn’t hear me, i would have to keep running. I tried to call his name again, but nothing came out, i nearly choked as the wind howled against the back of my throat. I continued running.
Eventually i caught him.
I explained that he had given me something and i wanted to give him something in return. I gave him a shell necklace. I had to pick it out of my pouch with my teeth as my fingerswere so cold they wouldn’t function normally. It took him a while to open his zip pocket. I placed the necklace inside and closed the pocket for him.
He told me to do a search on face book for-Kata Tsumuri ( snail in Japanese ) .

As i walked back down the i imagined my 2 amigos downstairs complaining.
Let’s call them Chilly and Billy or Ice and Cubes or any other name you acn think of… play! oh perhaps thats the wrong thing to say.
Chilly:” Hey Knob head, up there, the next time you want to run around the freezing countryside, give us some warning down here will you, It’s okay for you with your hairy hat on, you big girl, but we are freezing down here”.
Billy: ” Yea, you tell him, Chilly, don’t take no shit.”
Chilly: We’ve got nothing to keep us warm but a thin bit of Lycra when this kilt rides up your legs, you hear what i’m saying”?
Billy: ” Yea, you tell him Chilly, don’t take no shit.”
Chilly: “and another thing, lay off the spicy food dude. We don’t mind the sudden rush of warm air but the odour….
Billy: Yea, you tell him Chilly, don’t take no ……ewwwww”
Chilly: “And as for you Billy, stop moving around so much at night trying to get comfortable, you’re keeping me awake, i had a decent sleep in days now. No wonder i feel so up tight”.


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posted Tue Jan 26, 2010

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