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On reflection, and less angry – did i really think the 1000 strong congregation of the cathedral in santiago were ‘full of shit’.

No, is the answer.

I think the congregation fell into two different camps.

The older people i think were afraid.

Afraid that if they didn’t attend mass and pay homage to the church and the priests then they would surely be the recipients of some awful retribution from a god they had been encouraged to both love and fear.

The younger ones i feel were merely bored.

They were tourists looking for something to occupy their free time before heading back to work or home – killing time, but why?

They were already dead!

Dead bored!

We’ve all done it and could well be that we¬†will do it again.

The challenge is………………for me, at least, to try to stay connected.

To find my way…………..,

Without losing my way!
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posted Sat Feb 20, 2010

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