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1st Feb Villar de Mazarife – Astorga

After a great breakfast provided by Sergio, i headed out into a beautiful morning. It was cold but with a cloudless Azur sky and the sun eagerly trying to make its presence felt. The village was silent bar the gossip of the birds as they bustled from tree to tree..


If you do not find the perfect love, you have failed!


Depending on how you read this statement, it can be true or false!


If you see the perfect love as something or someone outside of yourself then i would imagine you would see the statement as true.

If, on the other hand, you see the perfect love as loving your self then i would imagine you see the statement as false.

We are actively encouraged to believe that we must find a person or persons ( but generally someone ) to share our life with, and so much the better if we find lifelong happiness or love with this person ( s ) and they feel the same way. The pressure of such a difficult undertaking can create great unhappiness in us if we continue to strive to be feature in this image of Utopia.

It seems to me unreasonable to expect to find lifelong happiness when, as a rule, we are all constantly in flux – changing in every moment, yet we still expect to be eternally happy with only one ( generally ) other person in our life for all our life. It seems to me that there is only one way to be happy with only one person in ones life. This one person must be ones self.

If you find love for your self, only then can you truly find it in another.

Our journey through a lnog life can present us with billions of interactions, some a moment, others for many more moments. All of these interactions are a lesson AND a teaching to all. These interactions show us our way until, hopefully, we find love for our self.

If we cling to the idea that an interaction must last forever, and it doesn’t, we suffer.

It is easy to feel fear if you face the prospect of spending time alone, and for this reason one may endure an interaction for many more moments than one should. Equally ( again, through fear ) we can actively seek an interaction because we don’t wish continue to be alone.

Today, i went through a period when i felt total love – for everything! I felt no fear about anything – everything was beautiful, and i mean everything! If we can remember to allow everything we see, hear, feel and speak to filter through an open, loving heart then you fear nothing. You are love! When you feel like this you fear nothing and love everything. I don’t mean a kind of ‘yea man love’. This feels like a pure, all encompassing, universal love.

If i had any advice to give to myself or anyone else for that matter it would be to devote your entire energy to this one thing. Pure love for oneself and consequently love for all things!

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posted Mon Feb 01, 2010

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