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Matavenero continued………

I wrote a whole bunch of stuff last night but lost the lot because of a lost signal.

I only have a short amount of time now so i will rewrite as much as i can.

The guy in the hippy clobber ( like everyone in the village actually ) was the only English inhabitant and his name was Nick. He immediately started unloading to me his current crisis. It turns out that Nick had been living in the village for a few years himself and his 20 year old girlfriend had decided to leave him and the village to go back to Germany and was taking their 2 children with her ( they had met each other when she was 16 ) .  He said that he was dealing with this crisis much better than he had with past crisis, he was learning! Normally he would have a needle sticking in his eyeball by now. He said i looked just like Greg ( a previous inhabitant of the village ) and that i had a gentle vibe. He asked me if i wanted a smoke and that i could crash at his gaff if i liked. I told him i wasn’t sure what i was doing just yet but thanfor the offer. I hadn’t come here to spend the entire time listening to Nicks problems. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the village he could unload on. He soon ran off up the street to do something else anyway so that was the end of that. Elicia returned briefly and was saying that she and another woman she had been talking to in the village had both had powerful dreams last night. it made me feel a little like she thought my sudden appearance was something to do with it, the way she was looking at me. Perhaps i was just being a bit hyper sensitive. Elicia soon left, so i carried on my chat with Ana. About 15 minutes past before an excited voice shouted, ” i know you”. i looked up to see a cheerful and very hyper girl with jet black hair over a very pale face with wide eyes and tell tale pin prick size pupils. “i know you” she gushed again. “Oh no, i’m really sorry, i thought you were Greg”. This giry was another German girl in her early twentys named Anna Lee. She came here just over a year ago with a dog and a cat and a 28kg rucksack on her back. She lived in a White Tipi near the entrance to the village. Anna Lee was one of those people that is like a little whirlwind. You end up listening to her chatting away with your eyes slightly wider and your mouth agape as a stream of words pour forth from her mouth. Ana said she was heading back home but invited me to eat ather house with Uli whenever i was ready. She pointed out her house across the valley and then left. Anna Lee took me under her enthusiastic wing and showed me where visitors sleep. A wooden hut houses a library on the ground floor and a guest house on the lower floor. The guest house had a wooden platform at one end with 4 or 5 well used mattresses on it, a stove in the centre with a sink opposite and a bench and table at the far end. Anna Lee showed me how to use the stove, told me to leave my rucksack on the floor, “don’t worry, it will be safe” she said. “come on, i will show you how to use the compost toilet”. We made our way over to a wooden shed. It had a hole in the floor to a pit.”Do whatever you need to but make sure you throw some leaves from this box on top of whatever you do otherwise it starts to stink”. With the tour over she rushed off saying she needed a coffee from the bar. I had a quick pee, did the leaf bit and wondered what to do next. I decided to make my way straight to Ana and Ulis place. As i headed down the path towards the house she had pointed out a bunch of dogs rushed out of a garden and started barking at me. They followed for a minute or so, really close behind me. I really wasn’t sure whether they would go for me or not and tried my best to keep calm and not look behind me even though  they were so close. Eventually they left me alone, thank goodness. I arrived at ana and Ulis place and after knocking, went in. Uli gave me a very friendly welcome and i immediately felt better. I thanked them for inviting me to dinner and was happy to help them in any way i could in return. I was given some vegetables to grate and then uli and i went back up the track as he needed help to load up some logs to bring back to his shed – An huge, old chestnut tree had recently fallen down, narrowly missing his neighbours house. Uli had been chopping it up for the last 3 days.

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posted Fri Feb 05, 2010

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