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Actually, on reflection, doing isn’t the word i`m looking for….becoming or being sounds more like it.

7th Feb Villafranca del Bierzo – O Cebriero
I spent the day walking alone. About 30km today with a steady climb up to the Celtic mountain village of O Cebriero. A great place to be wearing a kilt. I hadn`t realised it until now but in every city, town or village in Spain you are reminded of something very important.
Keep a good roof!
Wherever you go in Spain you will find at least one house that has been left to simply fall down. The roof is were the damage really starts. Let the roof go and the rest simply falls in on itself or into the street.
It occured to me that i need to remember to do the same. Take care, keep control or however you want to describe it of my head/mind and the rest will pretty much stay in tact and do what it’s supposed to. Okay i may have to paint the windows once in a while but you get my drift, eh!

I also wondered how much our family pattern ( or not, as the case may be ) through childhood affects our behaviour as adults. I was surrounded by girls as a child, up to the age of 13 anyway, when i went to a boys boarding school. Is this why i enjoy the company of females more than men, as a rule.
I think i would like to investigate this a bit more in the coming km.

As i approached a village called Trabadelo i couldn’t help but notice a sort of chestnut tree orchard on my left. The first tree was the biggest and most ancient by the look of it. I said more prayers at this tree before planting some seeds at its base. The tree felt and the whole area in fact, felt good. I placed Uliana at the base of the tree and took a photo of her. I must have breathed on the lens as i took it out of its bag or the lens reacted with the cold air because when i looked back at the photo i took Uliana looked like she had an energy around her. It was a lovely effect!

8th Feb O Cebriero – Samos
I headed out alone again for another 30km hike to the huge Monastery at Samos.
For the vast majority of us i think we mistake love with need.
I think we are attracted to another person because they can fulfill our needs in some way.
The more needs that we feel they can fulfill, the greater the attraction.
Could this explain why we can start to feel things are becoming stagnant in a relationship after a time?
We were attracted to someone who fulfilled our needs and now we have them with us most of the time that need is now fulfilled, so it would be easy to think we don’t need that person any more.
This could be especially true if you do not grow in the relationship together, so that one or both feel that they now need something or someone else to fulfill new needs that the other simply can’t or won’t.
But i don’t think this is love………..i think it is need!
I feel love would be more like if your partner needed to move on for whatever reason…… could say, ” i’m glad i have fulfilled the needs you had, if you need new things now……go, with my blessing and love. Find your way!
This feels like real love to me………….not need.

Ps for those of you who need a break from the words……….i got help to put more pictures on. Take a peek!

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posted Mon Feb 08, 2010

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