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Well! After a jumbo injection of penicillin in my butt I am finally feeling much better!! Two days ago I worked up enough energy to go on the cable car to the top of the mountain which overlooks the city of Salta. It was a beautiful day but on the hot side for someone still suffering from a temperature!! The cable car was fun and the top was interesting to wonder around in. I was just enjoying my own company as I was waiting for the cable car to head back down and I felt a pushy presence behind me. The controller put me in my car and I was just heading off when the presence behind me did a running jump into my car…great! Of course young single male. Exactly what I didnt feel like! About 30 seconds into the journey the questions started where are you from. Damn! So much for enjoying the ride down.  The good part about the trip though was that figured out my story as such that being that my boyfriend is back at the hostel sick with tonsillitis (how did I think of that one!) and that I need to go back there directly. I think that one will work until I am in a bar drinking beer ..hmmm! But hopefully wont be doing that alone anyway!

Today I went on a tour to the mountain town of Cachi passing through the national park of Los Cardones. Cardones are a species of super huge cacti that live on average 1,800 years!! They flower in summer but only after their first 80 years of life! They are incredible impressive and hauntingly beautiful. I was constantly dumb struck that the cactus in front of me has stood here for hundreds of years and will continue to stand here for hundreds more. Their age seems to give them a personality ad such a quiet integrity in the end I was a real cactus fan! The rest of the trip meant winding up the feet of the Andes above the cloud line. At the highest point we were at Pedra de Molino at 3348m above sea level. The highest I have ever been was at the top of the cable car in Quite at 4,000m so I was getting close but havent beaten it yet!!



Adriana, my best friend, from BA is arriving in Salta from Chile tonight! Will be great to see her and to have some company for a couple of days! I am not 100% tip top yet but might be able to push to go out to a pena which is a dinner and dance show thing tonight or tomorrow! Either way its always fun and games when Adri is around!!

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posted Sunday October 2008

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