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Hey everyone. it’s been two weeks since i wrote my first blog, so i thought i should get my arse into gear and bring you all up to speed with my travels.

During our second week in Nanning, a few of us decided that we would use one of our mid-day breaks to do some exploring and see what this city has to offer. We started the day at hospital number one (at least camilla and myself did, mitch decided it was his sleep in day), where we had been for the previous week, learning from two seperate doctors there. At twelve o’clock most people have a mid-day break for three hours before resuming their jobs till late afternoon. We took this opportunity to venture out to one of the many parks located within Nanning (known as the green city). The park was called ‘Peoples Park’ and it was recommended to us by our interpreter Lin. Now the three of us were back together again (mitch met up with us there). We went into the park, not really knowing what to expect.

After a short walk, we came to a pond which had areal ancient architectural look to it (but not real practical); finally i found something that resembled the china i want to see.image20.jpg There were a few people sitting around the pond feeding fish. We went for a closer look and saw a large group of koi (large gold fish – japanese). These things were absolutely massive, and once the food hit the water, they would go absolutely insane.image22.jpgAfter spending a few minutes watching the fish feeding frenzy, we decided to move on and discover more of the park. There were many beautifully trimmed hedges and plenty of really cool chinese style pergolas, like the one in this picture, which ithought were really awesome. Probably something to do with the drafting side of me i think. image24.jpg

We later came across a descently sized stairway, which led up to what looked to be a memorium tower of some sought. At the bottom of the stairs sat two rather large lion statues, one on either side. The whole setting was absolutely amazing.

image26.jpg image25.jpgimage27.jpg

(here’s a closer view of the tower) image28.jpg

Time was beginning to slip away, as we needed to be back at the hospital by three o’clock, but this didn’t stop us from going on one of the most unsafe, old and shotty looking festival rides i’ve seen in my life. It wasa house of horrors ride where you jump into a little train thing and go through a really dark building glowing horrors and lights coming onto model monsters just as you get beside them. The ridestarted and i was in the front carriage, as neither of the other two wanted that position. This was definately one of the darkest rides i’ve been on, it was really quite cool. About thirty seconds into the ride, i turned around to see the expressions on the faces of the other two (in a lit section). To my surprise, there was nobody behind me. What i thought was a train like carriage system, was actually seperate carriages which are sent off one after the other with a bit of gap between them. You could imagine what went through my head; what the hell have we got into, i’m in a ricketty carriage in a building that looked like it should have been condemed years ago, and i’m in a foriegn bloody country! However my worries went away pretty quickly when i began to hear the screams of camilla not too far behind me. It was not until after the ride was over that she disclosed to us her descent fear of most things horror 🙂 After the ride we were all in stitches of laughter for like the next ten minutes or so, just cracking up about what we had just done.

Time was definately running away now, so we began walking in a direction that we thought would take us through most of the park that we hadn’t seen and in the direction of an exit at the same time. Turns out we are descently OK at navigating around uncharted territory. All in all we had a great day checking out some of the awesome scenery that was on display for us in People’s Park.

image30.jpg image32.jpg
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posted Monday September 2006

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