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Well the long 3 months has just turned into 3 weeks in a click of a finger. Gee, time goes fast when your working 10 hr days….hurmph!! but on the good side ive stoped working now and iam enjoying the lovely british spring time, snow snow snow. Bex and I have set ourself a little buisness up called Sawdust and diamonds. (  selling reclamed clothing with lots of ribbons and lace….so we’ve had plenty to be doing these last few months, but now its all pilling up, sawdust and diamonds, uni (ive applyed for Bath Spa)woo., and all this nonsence for visa’s and trying to understand the Indonesian embassy. hummm tricky. Turns out that we will have to do two visa runs to KL and back in two months(not fun tryed that last time) or a trip to THE PHILIPPINES….hum which one would you choose????

So just some lovely booking of the Philippines to be done as its only a pipe dream as yet. Had some more great news the other day as well, our dear and beautiful friend, miss Cat Chester will be  meeting us in the mid wif of asia for an fun and action packed month some time from june to August. brill cant wait.

Really looking forward to going now, got ichy feet and my bag is winking at me…or did i dream it??? Really going to miss all my lovelies that iam leaving here though. miss you soooo much guys.

Anyway best be gone, hope i remember to write on this when iam away, only time will tell.

lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxx

Cat, Me and Bexie enjoying the cold English weather

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posted Thursday April 2008

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