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06 Feb 2008

Hola a todos!  It has officially been one month today since I have been here in Spain!  Crazy how fast time goes!  I just started my regular classes this Monday – I have 5 classes, each class meets twice a week for an hour and 45 minutes each!  It gets long, but I never have any homework outside of class!  My classes are all in Spanish too – but we are only in classes with other people from our program. 

This past Friday I met my “intercambia.”  The school sets us up with a Spaniard in order for us to practice our Spanish and for them to practice their English.  Her name is Isa and she is 26 years old.  She just finished college last year – she seems very nice and willing to meet a lot for both of us to improve speaking!  She even invited me to a fiesta of hers!

On Saturday this past weekend, a group of students took buses down to Cadiz – which is on the ocean for Carnaval de Cadiz.  It is basically a huge fiesta in the streets of Cadiz where everyone dresses up like its Halloween!  It was a lot of fun – my roommate and I dressed up as the soda Fanta – I was Fanta limon and she was Fanta Mango.  The bus then brought us back to Sevilla at 5am.  The object at Carnaval seemed to be to have the most elaborate costumes – it was neat to see all the different costumes people thought of. 

Nothing else is really new – I have a lot of freetime recently, but everyone else has different schedules so I’ve been independent and exploring new things!  The weather has been gorgeous – high 60’s and sunny every day!  I think I’m starting to pick up a tan too.  Other than that, I’ve learned some new phrases, tried some yummy desserts – I tried a “gofre” the other night – its basically like a sweeter waffle with a scoop of icecream on top with hot fudge and whipped cream – so delicious! 

Some girls and I are leaving bright and early Friday morning for Valencia for the weekend!  Check the blog after the weekend for more updates about that trip.  Ciao for now!

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posted Wednesday February 2008

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