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14 Mar 2008

Hola todos!  Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile – we just had midterms this week – 5 exams in 2 days!!  WELL, to begin, last weekend:

On Friday we had a company visit to the Sevilla Futbol Club Stadium (soccer team stadium) for one of my classes.  We got to tour the stadium and see the actual locker room where the players go – we saw their shoes and other stuff too – it was cool!  We also met with the director of marketing and he talked to us about how marketing for the team works.

On Saturday we had a day trip to Cordoba with our program.  While in Cordoba we saw the famous Mezquita and Catedral.  It was very pretty.  We also walked around the city a bit and saw la sinagoga in the Jewish Quarters – the sinagoga is one of the 3 oldest sinagogas conserved in Spain.  It was a beautiful day out so we ended up just sitting outside and relaxing for the rest of the day!  On our way home from Cordoba we stopped in Montilla to tour another bodega (winery).  It was called bodega Alvear.  We got to taste three different kinds – the first was a very dry white wine (gross), the second was a sweeter white wine (pretty good) and the third was a thick syrupy, reddish colored wine (disgusting!!!) – it tasted like you were drinking maple syrup!  After a looong day, we came back to Sevilla and relaxed 🙂

On Sunday, my friend Sarah and I went on an organized hiking trip with our program.  Hiking in spanish is called “el senderismo.”  We went about an hour west of Sevilla in the Sierra de Aracena.  We hiked 11 kilometers through the pueblos of Almonaster, Acebuche and Cortegana.  The hike took like 4 hours and it was actually pretty difficult.  The hills were steep and the trails were tricky to hike on because there was a lot of loose rocks and uneven paths.  The pictures will tell all – hard to describe in words!  We did see many random animals during our hike – including random horses tied up in the most random spots!

After a very fun weekend, it was back to actual work 🙁  We had midterms this past week so it was a low-key week studying and what not!  My host family was painting the apartment all this week in preparation for the son’s boda (wedding) in 2 weeks!  Tommorrow is the engagement party (which is normally held at the bride’s house, but it is being held at my senora and senor’s house!) – so many people will be around!  This morning I had another company visit for my economy class to the Cota de Donana – in the Huelva Province.  We did a jeep tour through the beach and wetlands/forest of the National Park – it was cool!  I haven’t uploaded pics from this yet – so stay tuned for those later!  Here is the link from pictures from the past weekend: enjoy 🙂

As for now, Andy comes tommorrow for the week of Semana Santa!  We will be in Sevilla for most of the week, then we are heading to Marbella to enjoy the beach!  More updates in a week! Adios!

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posted Friday March 2008

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