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13 Jan 2008

Hola a todos!  So I just finished writing my entire entry and my computer froze, so now I have to start over!  This may be more brief because it took me forever to write the first one. 

I made it to Sevilla on January 9th – we stayed in Hotel Becquer for two nights.  It was a nice hotel and they fed us well!  We have been busy with orientation things and the first night I got there I ended up going to bed early since I was exhausted from all the traveling!  Sevilla is 7 hours ahead of the time in MN – so it was a big change. 

The next day – Thursday, we were able to explore the city and see where the business school was.  Sevilla is beautiful – all the buildings have cool designs and they are all different.  The city is confusing – there are several small roads that wind all over the place.  That night we went to “tapear” which is basically going out for appetizers.  We had many things such as bocadillas (small sandwiches), tortillas espanoles (a potato/bread thing), and potato/french fry things.  After, we went to a flamenco show.  It was cool to see – they really get into it and it somewhat reminds me of tap dancing.  After those festivities (which were planned by our program) we decided to explore the night life of Sevilla.  Yes, I am legal here to enjoy the night life – don’t worry Mom and Dad, I’m being safe and responsible 🙂  We ended up checking out some bars in a neighborhood called Triana – they were cool.  One of the “discotecas” had three levels – each with different kinds of music.  It is a lot different than in the US – people usually don’t go out for the night until midnight or so, and then they stay out until 4 or 5 in the morning!  I see why they like to take their siestas.

Friday – We explored the city a bit more and met our families!  It was like we were all pets in a petshop waiting for our owners.  We all waited in the lobby while our families came to “claim us.”  I got a family I requested – an older couple, probably in their 50’s who has a son that still lives with them that is 29.  He is getting married in March so he is going to move out then.  I also have a roommate – her name is Amy and she is from Madison too (I didn’t know her before I came).  It has worked out very well having someone else because they don’t speak any english and they talk very fast!  My spanish is a bit rusty, but I can already feel my self slowly getting better!  After our family picked us up, they drove us back to their apartment – we have a room to share with two twin beds and our own bathroom.  Their apartment is very big – with maybe six bedrooms I think.  They don’t have central heating so we have a space heater in our room or you can sit on the couch and put your legs under a table cloth and keep warm by a heater underneath the table.  After we got there – they fed us lunch.  They like to serve you A LOT of food.  Our first meal was chicken, fries, pasta, bread, and fruit.  I will for sure not go hungry here!  That night we went to tapear again – a popular thing to do in Spain.

Saturday – slept in and explored the city.  We also had to register for classes.  That night we went to a sports bar to watch the packer game – surprisingly it was played here!  We didn’t get home until 4am, so it was rough getting up early the next day!

Sunday – more orientation things in the morning and when Amy and I returned for lunch around 2:30 in the afternoon (typical time for lunch), we had another large meal with the extended family.  The couple’s daughter and son-in-law came over along with three grandkids.  Two girls – 2 and 4 years old and a boy who is 6 years old.  They speak better spanish than I can!  It was fun playing with them – they are very cute!  We then just relaxed all day because we start class tommorow!  I only have one class for three hours a day – Monday through Friday.  It is my intensive spanish class that I take for three weeks.  My class isn’t until noon, so I have a lot of time to start exploring Sevilla in these next three weeks!

No funny or embarassing stories yet!  I’ve navigated through the city pretty well and I’ve been able to easily ask for directions.  My house Mom keeps telling me I look like “Cristina” some other girl who also has, according to her, “chubby little cheeks, pale, clear skin and a big smile.”  I really like my family and they really make us feel at home!  Hope you enjoy the updates – I haven’t taken many pictures, but I will post the ones I have!


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posted Sunday January 2008

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