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29 Jan 2008

Hey everyone!

Well I have much to update about!  I just got back from a weekend in Granada, Spain.  It is 3 hours east and a little south of Sevilla.  We left late Friday afternoon and arrived in Granada around 8pm.  We took a bus there – and everything ran smoothly!  We stayed in our first hostel – it was nice and clean!  It was kinda funky – it had wierd music playing with incense burning and herbal infused tea for us in the morning!  Here are pics of the hostel:

We explored the nightlife of Granada and discovered it was a very liberal city with lots of gypsies – a little different than Sevilla! 

The next day we hiked up the hill to see the famous Alhambra!  It was amazing to see!

After spending a couple hours seeing all the different parts, we had a lovely lunch at an outdoor cafe!

While we were eating, there were lots of Gypsies in the plaza dancing and playing music – fun to watch!

We then went to the Catedral and saw the tombs of Isabel, Felipe, Juana la Loca, Fernando and Miguel (eldest grandchild of Isabel and Fernando) – all Catholic Monarchs of Spain.

After this, we went to the hill opposite of the Alhambra and watched the sunset – a gorgeous view!

The next day we went skiing in Sierra Nevada – the tallest peak in Spain!  We got up really early to catch a bus there – it was about a 45 minutes bus ride.  When we got there we all rented skis and then you had to stand in this really long line to get in cable cars to take you a little ways up the hill.  It was basically a bunch of people being herded into this cable cars that could only hold 7-8 people had a time – while holding all your ski equipment!  After we made the little trip up the mountain, we could strap on our skis and go!  Skiing here was one of the hardest hills I’ve skiied on!  The easiest runs were basically equivalent to the hardest runs back in the States.  The views were amazing – it was one of the only cloudy days we had, but it didn’t matter because we were above the clouds!  Also, from the pictures, you can see that we all had to put together make-shift outfits for skiing – which included buying hats, gloves and pants from local vendors for a cheap price!  Also, some of the chairlifts had conveyor belts that you slid onto and it brought you around the corner to wait for the chair to come – lets just say the first time us 5 Americans tried to do this we looked quite hysterical!  Overall it was a lot of fun, filled with many falls and bombing hills because they were way to steep to even turn on!

Basically it was an amazing weekend – I woke up the next day and I could barely move from all the intense skiing!  We skiied for four hours straight – no breaks because we wanted to get in as much skiing as we could before we had to leave!  I’m now back in Sevilla for the week!  It is our last week of our intensive Spanish class – my final exam is on Friday.  After that, our regular classes start the following Monday – I’m taking a total of 5 classes – each class is 1 hour and 45 minutes long twice a week!  I will definitly be busy!  Anyways, I must get studying because believe it or not, it isn’t all fun here, I must study too 🙂  Enjoy the pictures!

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