IoM Adventure ,USA,13

22 Aug 2008

It must be vacation, only traveled about 30 miles today, & I’m totally good with it! Got a late go of it, found the trail, and flat wore our selfs out in the span of about 20 miles off road. Chatted up a local on a XL, and have a game plan for finding the “good” part of the trail- none of its bad, just slow going due to cattle gates that have to be opened and then closed. A bad wind storm last week blew down a mess of trees, and they have yet to be cleared, on the bright side, got to practice log jumping! =) didn’t know it was possible to sweet in the rain, but we did! We decided to call it a day, and get a early start tommorow, from what I can tell, the best part of the trail is coming up, IF “they” have fixed the wash out LOL well see! All in all a GREAT day!Until then…..Cheers from the roadMarkPs Pics as soon as I can find a computer with a USB port

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posted Friday August 2008

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