IoM Adventure ,UK,38

 I sense a little frustration from work, would now be a bad time to ask for a deposit into my holiday bank account? I’m heading your way to give you some relief, I’ll be in straight away!

Had a wonderful time on the Isle of Man, the home stay folks were awesome! Had a brilliant send off BBQ party, and was quite sad to leave. Left the Isle on a LATE ferry into Liverpool, Sunday night / Monday morning, and found I had booked a hostile in Liverpool (YMCA) with junkies and all.

Seperated from the IoM crew on the Highway, as they were heading back to Newcastle, and was heading south toward Stoneheadge. I’m solo again, and I was really getting used to them =)~ , they were actually all great guys, and we had a blast.

Mom should be happy to know, I’m in a cage. Dropped the winnebago off at customs, and gathered a rental, their cars are BLOODY right hand drive! Driving here has been the most terrifing thing of this trip! even more so than the Autoban in pouring rain next to semis doing  80 mph on a overloaded motorcycle!

I arrived in South  Moulton late last night, and meet up with a bloke from the Pantera Forum, Johnny has put me up, and showed me his town, and shop, what a work shop! Henry, you would be right at home, it was a old tanniery from the 1600’s.

I’m being called for tea and crumpets, so I’ll say Cheers for now!


Todd, thanks for everything, it’s only my faith in your ability that has allowed me to enjoy this trip! as far as the spelling and grammer…….wgat the bloody hell do you expect?  

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posted Tuesday June 2007

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