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26 Aug 2008

Ehhh, still in BC ūüėČ

Tuesday morning’ and the destinition today is Watson Lake. Traveled from Prince George to Iskut yesterday, about 550 miles.

Didn’t think it could get any better, but the farther north we go, it just gets prettier and prettier! Traveling on the 37 highway, and you better keep tabs of the fuel gauge, as Frank will attest. Also need to keep a eye out for the bear…….actually lost count of all the bear we saw, the mama bear with her two cubs stand out though!

¬†Didn’t realize how remote this area was until we got to were we thought we¬†were staying, and were informed that we were actually staying¬†161 kh ahead…… problem, dinner out of the deli case (resturant was closed) fuel up, get back into the wet rain gear, and head north again, no problem. Boy oh boy does it get dark up here! Oh yeah, they don’t tell you that the road ends! Clipping along watching out for critters, and the road just ENDs! No pavement, no stripes, no lights……..just chip coat. ¬†Finally arrived @ Iskut motor inn about 11:30 pm, streched out the stiff joints, thawed a little , and fell straight to sleep. Up early this morning,¬†as the Inn is a camp for the crews building the road back into the mines.¬†7 degrees C this morning, but our bellys are full, and the rain gear has had a chance to dry, off to the great white north!

Until then………

Cheers from the Road, Mark & Frank

PS. more pictures to come! =)

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