Inter-Railing Europe 07,Slovenia,6

first, sorry for taking so long to update, the chances to find computers and write this up have been few and far between, with little time if the chance comes along. we left bratislava after only the friday night, finding out the hard way that is not a good idea to try and go out at night with a group of six irish girls. we travelled to budapest, the capital of hungary, on saturday and arrived in the middle of a heatwave they were having, almost 40 degrees C. we booked into a hostel near teh city centre, and started to look around. budapest is a large busy city, except for weekends when almst religiously everything shuts down for the two days, which was great for trying to change travellers cheques. we got things sorted and, being pretty tired went for an early meal, and a pretty unaventful night. Sunday and we all hired out bicycles and spent the day seeing the city on bikes which was really great fun, being able to see much more than if we were walking. in parts the city is really nice and we went to an island in the middle of the danube and bathed in a large fountain there which seemed to be the thing to do…although i was a bit hesitant wearing just a pair of white shorts. charlie was able to break the bike he was on, managing to bend the main cog and therefore pedalling was impossible. but we rang the guy who happily cycled to where we were and gave him charlies bike and so we could carry on-fitting with almost all the people we have met who are extremly happy to help even when it is not asked for. 

Posted from Slovenia:

posted Monday August 2007

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