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anyway continuing on the topic of fair verona… we have visited juillets balcony and grave. which was really interesting to see and we were rather taken aback by all the graffiti of ‘star crossed lovers’ who had also left their mark… needless to say that we didnt feel the need to add to it! we then retired to another caffe along the promenade for a mid morning snack… where tommy payed for a pint of coke costing him no less than 5 euros!!! silly boy! he keeps reassuring us that it was the best coke he has ever tasted! whilst taking in our surrounding the keen of adam spotted none other than xena the warrior princes mingling amongst the crowd. we were keen for a photo but after further survaillence we discovered that we had to pay, quickly squashing that idea! Nevertheless we wandered over to the amphitheatre were tommy proceeded to act like a lion to the amusement of an unsuspecting gaurd and passers by… blissfully unaware that he was being filmed! in the near future you will surely find this clip on facebook or youtube! we later returned to the convent, sorry hostel to be let back into our cages. We later that evening went out for super not once but twice and this is not due to our healthy appettite but the terrential downpour that made sure we didnt need to shower and prevented us from being acceted into any restaurants!

talk again soon, our very best wishes

Patrick and Adam X

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Must be reaally expensive in Italy after eastern europe.
Enjoy your trip

09 Aug 2007
Do you still have Charlie with you?? hope its going well boys! got some funny stories from la manga for you when your back! keep going remember tiz no pain no gain!
Crumpy x x x

19 Jul 2007

17 Jul 2007
Phil Ghazala
R u sure they were full or do they just remember the name Tippetts from a trip made by your father? Have a great time. Cheers Philx

17 Jul 2007
Hi GuysAt least you’ll be able to empathise with the homeless now! Rozx

17 Jul 2007
sorry you got nowhere to stay; did you get my text re Paul? He would love to see you ; if youhave no time perhpas you could ring him and tell him that you’ve moved on etc.
The Rheistag must be quite cool at night with no one around; in the old days the East German guards would probably have taken a pot shot or two!Dadx

17 Jul 2007
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posted Thursday August 2007

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