Inter-Railing Europe 07,Italy,5

we then travelled to Belgrade on an overnight train, after spending the day in budapest wasting time waiting for the train, with lots of games of backpacker. we arrived early into Belgrade train station that would rival Billingshurst for its vastness in size and passenger numbers. we found a hostel and spent the day relaxing in the city, as not much sleep was to be had on the train. that day was over 40 degrees, and the wind did not help-the hottest day so far by a long way. we found a very posh cafe with air-con, so spent much time in there, all very cheap of course and they were very happy to accept us in in t-shirt and shorts. we met two danish girls in the hostel and spent the evening with them.they had planned to leave the next morning at 8, but due to the night before ended up staying another day! belgrade centre is very smart with lots of street cafes and resaurants with very cheap prices with lots of posh shops aswell.but outside the centre its is much less smart and run-down. we went and saw the citadel and a absolutely enormous cathedral which stood out from wherever you were in the city.

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posted Wednesday August 2007

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