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The past couple days have, of course, flown. Its Monday (well, Tuesdayby now) and this is my fourth night con mi familia chilena.So: Heres a rough schedule of my weekend:

Sbado (Saturday): We went running at nine a.m. in a park called Amerigo Vespucio. Mi mam is a runner, as Ive said, and part of a running club called “Santiago Runners.” We ran for an hour, and Im about her speed, so it worked out well. Afterwards, we went to a birthday party for one of the members of said club at her apartment. It was a brunch, which is a novelty here. There were three other people that spoke English there, too–a professor of English, a translator, and a gringo from England. Everyone was very nice and interested (and patient!) with me. There was a lot of good times.

Learned: Juice is HUGE here. Jugo de TODO. Every kind of fruit makes every kind of juice. Also, whether youre actually introduced to someone or not, theyll kiss you on the cheek hello and goodbye. I like the custom.

Saturday night, we went to a marriage–that of mi mams niece. It started at 7 in the church and ended at 5am in another rented place. There was tons of food and the wedding staff somehow got wind that Im a vegetarian and served me an impromptu omlette of asparagus instead of the main course of pork. Cool, eh? 🙂 There was dancing and wine and pisco sour the entire night. All that you ate, you danced off, too. One man kept asking me to dance (the brother of the groom) and showed me how to do lots of steps, which Ive completely forgotten already, and then kissed me at the end of the night. I said, “no, no! Tengo un pololo (I have a boyfriend!)” and it was all pretty funny. I didnt get up until half past noon on Sunday.

Sunday, two other American students that had a 2-month program here returned from a trip to Pucn. They are living here until this Thursday, and I really like them both. They were going to take me out tonight, but they ended up at a dinner with their school group thats lasting past 1am. I hope we can go out tomorrow night!

Today, Monday, was my first class with CIEE–the program Im here with. We walked around the Plaza de la Constitucin and learned about Chilean history, which is very tormented and very, very interesting.This wholecountry iskind of like an experiment in economic policies and governments and social movements…kinda. After class,four others and I went to abarclose to my house and got drinks, which was very very awesome.This kid named Avery and I get alongreally well, and another Emily and Liora. Interesting people on this trip.

Apparently, I have the best living situation of my group, too! Maybe. The location is ideal–close to the metro, Bellavista (like Kirkwood x1,000, for you B-towners), San Cristobal (where that giant Virgin Mary is), the house of Pablo Neruda, a hospital, etc. etc. etc. Also,I feel safe running in the park across the river from my house, too.

Spanish is coming more and more easily. I feel comfortable speaking and am getting better at hearing. Just like everyone said, its hard not to look forward to my days here because its all an adventure.

I hope to travel a lot in this country and get to know some people very well. Once Ive mastered Santiago…or my part of Santiago, that is…

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Hey Liz, your blog looks great, and it sounds like you’ve got a really good living situation over there. That’s really cool that your host mom’s a runner. From my experience so far over here, I’d say being in a host family is definitely an ideal situation in most cases. I like the guest house, but it would’ve been cool to be with a family instead. Well, good luck with your busy weeks! love, priya

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