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Wednesday November 07 2007

Greetings from Ethiopia!  I made it!  It was great to have Jeremy with me on the first leg of the flight.  We totally lucked out with my luggage.  The first suitcase weighed 49.9 and the second 49.6.  The flight from DC to Italy was long.  We flew up over Maine and Quebec before crossing the Atlantic ocean.  My favorite part of the flight was seeing the sunrise over Dublin.  We stopped in Italy to refuel but we weren’t able to get off the plane.  I enjoyed looking out the window though. I’ve met a lot of nice people but still feel a little lonely for my friends and family.  We got to the hotel room last night about 10pm.  The hotel doesn’t have an elevator. Thankfully a nice gentleman carried them up to my room for me.  The rooms are modest.  I have a roomate from Italy who I haven’t met yet.  We have two twin beds. More importantly are the things we don’t have: a clock, wash cloths, more than one towel, coffee pot, tv that works.  Thankfully I bought that travel blow dryer.  The shower is scary!  It’s very dirty.  I wore my shower shoes.  It’s also wierd to brush your teeth with bottled water.  I took pictures of the room which I will send as soon as I figure that out.  I haven’t been able to buy a calling card yet either.  So I will call when I can.  I didn’t sleep much last night because of the time change.  Today I am going to a famous African market.  Then we’ll tour the hospital this afternoon.  Tonight we have a team dinner so we can all get to know one another.  Tomorrow the screening starts.  I’m sure I’ll be busy then.  Hopefully I can find some good coffee.  I tried to drink the coffee at breakfast and it is way to strong for me.  I miss everyone and I’ll write again soon!


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posted Wednesday November 2007

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