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DAY 23

19th October, 2006


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Magnetic Termite Mounds

Tay says they look like a grave yard. The reason they are all facing the same direction is because they use the heat from the sun to warm the mound through the day to keep it warm at night. The moundsthat aren’t built this way will collaspe as they don’t bind and set.

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Buley Rockpool

Alot of this was shallow but you had to be careful as it would just drop into the deep. As you can see Branden loved it.



Florence Falls

You can swim down there but with the kids it was to hard.

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The Lost City

You can only get here by 4wd and it was good but I recon it would look fantastic after the wet season.

Well we’re still loving it in Darwin our 5 days is now 5 weeks. Steve has a job driving a truck and I’m going a littlemore insane with the kids. We are all well and hope you are too. Karyn,Steve & the Tribe x x x

P.S. This is only if half of the park we’re going back again to finish the other Falls.
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posted Wednesday November 2006

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