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Not much to report today folks – except Nick had to go to the A&E this morning with his legs – has been bitten very badly and his ankles have swollen up + bites have all gone into blisters. Apparently he has an infection and has been given a course of tablets to take. Was also told to rest today and keep his legs up!!!! I have also been bitten very badly but mine are just itchy……..

Have worked out the route we are taken from tomorrow.

It hopefully will be

Pick up campervan in Auckland and travel towards the south of the North Island to Whanganui (about a 6 hour drive. stay there Monday Night

Tuesday Morning travel to Wellington and pick up Ferry to South Island – Ferry ride about 3 hours plus 2hours 30mins driving to Picton. Stay here Tuesday Night.

Wednesday travel around the east coast to Franz Josef (look at this on internet!!) this is a 6 and a half hour journey. Stay here Wednesday night.

Thursday morning travel through the southern Alps to Kaikoura (should be able to see whales…) this is another 7 hour journey. Stay here Thursday night.

We have a spare night so we can stay longer in one of the destinations if we like.

We plan to travel back up to Wellington on Saturday to meet up with Chloe (Nicks Neice who is travelling the world). Stay here on Saturday night and Sunday make our way back up to Auckland to have one last night with Sue and Danny before we fly out to Fiji on Monday afternoon.

Posted from New Zealand:

posted Sunday February 2007

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