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European Things July 12 2007

Hello! I have now found my way to Sweden! Everything came together in Germany for the festival. After we landed we had a two hour train ride through nowhere right into the middle. At the start things were not going well, as we were getting in I dropped my ticket, got a large piece of glass stuck in my foot and it decided dump a large amount of rain on us (a terrible thing if your planning on camping for 4 days) all in the space of a few minutes. Luckily I got the ticket off the ground, my friend had tweezers (girls are great) and the weather held out pretty well for us. The odd shower with some psy trance is a good thing! It is my favourite festival. The whole thing was on an old Russian air base so most of the stages were in large plane bunkers pained crazy. The music was amazing I have a huge list of artists I have to find out more about. There were odd performing arts all over too. They had a huge aardvark driving around spraying people with water and a small lake with fire spraying out of the middle. If only life could work more like the fusion festival all the time. The Germans there go crazy. The festivals in England wind down early morning a bit but this one never slowed down all night or day. There was a lot of VW vans painted in amazing ways. Such good food as well! English festivals dont do food so well usually. Amazing festival! Pictures are coming! After that it was off to Berlin. I wasnt too impressed with the main bits until I went to the suburb where my host was living. A bohemian aria with pleasant streets full of cafs with cheap amazing food. My host there was great. He writes about UFOs and paranormal phenomenon for a living. I saw lots of art, wall, and German beer. There was a machine on the side of the road you could put money in and get either a gumball or a small knife, they go together well I guess It takes a lot for me to love a big city but I loved Berlin! After that I car shared my way to Hamburg. My hosts place there was a little to posh but it was fun anyway. I was very uninterested with the city as it was destroyed during the war so we did a lot of hanging out and riding around lazily on German bikes. Then the time came to fly off to Sweden (none too soon Im sick of sausage). It is a very odd country. Ultramodern and clean. I went to my cousins bachelor party. I havent really seen him for about 5 years so we had a lot of catching up to do. I am being called deflector Dan here because I saved his life by taking the shots people bought him but he couldnt drink. Us McNeills we can be pretty similar. It was only us two who were prepared to jump in the river and climb on bridges. I have a wedding here and a bit more time to enjoy this beautiful countryside then I am off so the next time I will do something off this sort will be from Quito OH YEAH!

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posted Saturday December 2007

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