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Colombia December 9 2007

last time I wrote I was on the beaches of Canoa surfing.  From there I headed down to a place called Puerto Lopez where I got stuck for a week because of painting my guitar among other things.  I met a guy who lives in a bamboo hut filled with boats in bottles.  He is going for the guiness world records for most boats in bottles.  He was a bit looney!  I was painting my guitar under a cover and was getting rain specks on my paint, not from outside but it was so humid it was raining inside!  I went through Montanita for some more surfing to Guayaquil.  The largest city in Ecuador that I planned on stopping only a few days in.  I ended up staying over two weeks there.  I was staying with an amazing host family who were so excited to have thier first couchsurfers they built bunkbeds for us and everything.  Also staying in my room was a DJ from England who is couchsurfing in every country in the world possible in 5 years and writing a book about it.  We would go out at night anf get rockstar treatment just for him playing in the clubs.  I didn`t pay for cover, drinks or wait in a single line the whole time.  We would go out when the family would go to sleep.  Come back when they were waking up, got to sleep ourselves and wake up in time to spend the evening with them!  a great crazy system!  My friend even cooked an amazing roast dinner my most missed of English foods.  Once when I went out with the lady for some shopping she was looking for shoes for her husband but was unsure whether a certian shoe would fit or not.  So after some fast spanish we took one guy from the store, one shoe in the back of thier truck and went back to their house for him to try it on.  This is how things work here! I spent so long in Guayaquil I didn`t have any time to visit many of the places in the south of Ecuador, sometimes im such a rubbish tourist.  My stop back in Quito felt a bit like going home.  Playing trumpet on the roof of the museum only made me want to pack up and stay.  They told me if I could learn the songs in time I could play with them during the big quito festivals.  But Quito isn`t where Sinead is so on I go! Columbia border ho! My first stop in Columbia was Cali.  I had another amazing couchsurfing experience.  We were taken away to a farm where the girls parents grow tropical flower for a hobby and danced alot in the streets of a nearby village.  We saw live salsa and I tried to sample all the different types of Columbian food, impossible!  We also took a rickety traincart made of wood strapped to a motercycle to an all black community for the day.  An entirely different culture only a few hours away.  There we went rafting without rafts.  It was a very painful idea! Now I am in Bogota.  A city with an old town much nicer than quitos with the added cool of it being in Columbia.  So far I have just done a bit of waiting, for Sinead to arrive.

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posted Saturday December 2007

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